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BestForAndroid is an independent provider of information about Android Phones/tablets & Technology around smartphones. We are a team of passionate writers working from across the globe. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan the BestForAndroid website is owned and operated the company named BestiumPro LLC and is not affiliated with Android or Google in any way.

BestForAndroid is rapidly becoming the Internet’s top site for Android users. Only three years after its premiere, BestForAndroid is receiving over three million page hits per month.

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Every piece of content published on our blog is aimed to help our readers in the best possible way. Our purpose is to make life easier for people by giving them the easiest possible solution for their tech problems.

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Our Team consists of a highly competent and diverse range of people with different backgrounds & geography.

Muhammad Farzan Hussain

Chief Editor / Content Writer –

A passionate blogger as well as a tech and gadget enthusiast with over a decade of experience in creating well-researched and engaging content on a wide range of topics. You will mostly find him writing blog posts, tinkering with gadgets, capturing photos, and watching tech videos. He manages the content moderation for this site.